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are most critical to you. tsa does a pretty prescriptive process by which operators are to determine but ultimately the operator knows or should know what is most at risk and so forth so it against with prioritizing those things. their systems and the like can be applied effectively. across miles and miles of pipeline it is very difficult. there are-somethings working in our favor. for instance because of the d.o.t. and epa requirements about monitoring we do have in our case at colonial we have aircraft that fly continuously. those folks are well aware of the security implications and they know to report abnormalities and so forth. we still consider our greatest risk to be a third party with a big piece of yellow iron digging a water well or some kind of trenching that is outside of our company. a sickly a third party is our greatest risk but it has the added effect of monitoring for surreptitious activity. if someone was out there to do us harm who is detecting it. beyond that it is a lot of emphasis being placed on the operators to understand what to look for and what to report, s
the q&a is going to be worthwhile. the committee plans to develop a tsa authorization bill which is intended to enhance the streamline tsa transportation security initiative. a few weeks ago administrator pistol testified in front of the subcommittee to discuss his priorities, the purpose of today's hearing is to hear different industry perspectives on the ongoing challenges and securing transportation systems and what improvements could be made through the legislative process. tsa plays a critical role keeping america's travelers say, however, it is hinged on the cooperation for the public and private sector partners. we look forward to continuing this conversation hearing from some of the reverse course of public and private sector partners that tsa relies on to fulfill its mission of protecting our nation's transportation systems. as an example of the important collaboration between tsa and its partners has been the response to the human air cargo intact. since october, tsa is in working with private industry to develop and implement it short-term security directive to address
] >> today on c-span, a house hearing on the t.s.a. and arnte security. that's followed by "washington journal" wlive your phone calls and live coverage of the u.s. house as they gavel until for morning business. >> on today's washington journal, the president of americans for tax reform minor vill -- grover norquist. and representative raul grijal va. "washington journal" begins live at 7:00 a.m. on c-span. >> federal reserve fed chairman ben bernanke trourns capitol hill. you can watch live coverage beginning at 10:00 a.m. eastern time on c-span three and c-span.org. consumer financial protection bureau advisor elizabeth warren testified at an oversight hearing in may. she'll back on capitol hill thursday before an oversight committee. members will ask her about next week when they begin supervising the nation's largest banks. ms. warren testified before a house subsidizing committee on mortgage forclosures. >> and we have seen very little accountability among the largest financial services and both before the crash of 2008 and after the crash of 2008. and i just want to point out th
we don't know about? we also are deeply concerned about the tsa failing to identify threats. in 2009, there were 87% of these airports that have not had these threat assessments done and that number has not changed. the tsa lacks the control to secure airports. the nation's 457 commercial airports have not been guided by unifying national strategy. concern about more than 900,000 security badges at these 457 airports. and the dangers the complete to and the challenges that presents. we're also concerned about what is happening at some of our nation's airports like jfk. investigate reports show that at least a quarter mile of the perimeter fence is down leaving a gaping hole of security along the main runway. this is four years behind schedule we're concerned about what happened at the dallas love field. it has been damaged almost 20 times in four years. pilots were unsure what to do when a pickup truck crash to a fence and drove onto the tarmac in 2010. what the pilots as the tower of what the protocol was. the airport control tower said to hold position. we are concerned what is hap
%. these are very intensive examinations focused on high-risk airports. t.s.a. considers them the gold standard. they obviously conduct a whole host of other activities and inspections and testing. there's quite a few things that they do the but we thought this was worth while to single out given the significance. we do recognize, you know, they're difficult to do quickly. you have to get the f.b.i. involved. >> what i don't understand is given the imperative, given the knowledge and understanding, that we're only as strong as the weakest link. and it may be that small airport, as we saw on 9/11 when a person got on the plane, not one of the major airports, got into the system, got into the security line. why is the t.s.a. not getting towards 100%? there's 457 airports. why aren't 457 airports getting this j.v.a. done? >> this level of assessment will be done with a limited number of airports. not all airports will be done of the they will have inspections and complete -- >> i just -- i absolutely don't understand that. i don't understand it. think it's unacceptable. let me move on. mr. orr, in
systems. we will hear from tsa officials as well as representatives of the aviation mass transit pipeline, rail and trucking industries. this hearing of the house on land security subcommittee on transportation security is two hours. >> the committee on homeland security subcommittee transportation security will come to order. the committee is meeting today to hear a different industry perspectives on authorizing the transportation security administration for fiscal years 2012 and 2013. i would like to welcome everyone here to this hearing and thank all of our witnesses for their patients. i apologize for us been called for votes when the hearing was supposed to start, but it is what it is. we look forward to your testimony and greatly appreciate the time and effort you put into your opening statements preparing for the hearing and i know the q&a is going to be worthwhile. the committee plans to develop a tsa authorization bill which is intended to enhance the streamline tsa transportation security initiative. a few weeks ago administrator pistol testified in front of the subcommittee to
for this oversight hearing part number to regarding the tsa airport perimeter screenings. i'd like to welcome a ranking member tierney and members of the subcommittee and the audience who are here participating with us and those of you that are watching on television to meet today's proceedings in the second mysteries of hearings designed to evaluate the status of u.s. airport security and the policies employed by the department of homeland security. there are a number of concerns that have been highlighted and drawn-out here today. first and foremost, we have learned that there have been 25,000 security breaches at u.s. airports since november, 2001, and i do appreciate the tsa tracking and providing that data but obviously those are the ones we know about. and the deep concern is about the ones we don't know about and the creativity in the things that can happen in the future? we also have deeply concerns about the tsa failing to conduct right honorable the assessments to identify gaps and perimeter screenings. 2009 the gao concluded there were 87% of these airports have not had these threa
>>> on the broadcast tonight, under fire. you should hear what they said about the tsa today in washington. the folks who protect flying safety took a beating over what's still getting through. >>> dialing for dollars. the extra fees on phone bills, the confusing language and hidden costs that are just now coming to light in what the government calls a $2 billion a year scheme. >>> and light bulb revolt. with the deadline looming that forces us to stop using incandescent light bulbs, some are fighting back against using the new ones. >>> and the dominating women of the u.s. soccer team tearing up the field in the feel-good story of the summer. the field in the feel-good story of the summer. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. while it's sometimes hard to remember what flying was like without the bins and the ziplock bags and the shoe and laptop removal and the occasional shouted cry of "bag check," the tsa has been around now for almost a decade, there are 51,000 of them all wearing those blue shirts, working all flights,
hearing part number to regarding the tsa airport perimeter screening. i'd like to welcome a ranking member tierney and members of the subcommittee and the audience here participating with us and those of you that are watching on television. today's proceedings are the second to evaluate the status of u.s. airport security and the policies employed by the department of homeland security. there are a number of concerns that have been highlighted and drawn-out here today. first and foremost, we have learned that there have been 25,000 security breaches at u.s. airports since november, a 2001, and i appreciate the tsa trucking and providing the data but obviously those are the ones we know about the concern is what about the ones we don't know about and the creativity and things that can happen in the future. we are also deeply concerned about the failing to contact threat vulnerability assessments in order to identify gaps and reverse screening. to thousands lined the gao concluded there were 87% of the airports that have not had the threat assessments done and that number really has not chan
priorities for the transportation security administration. members looked at how a tsa authorization bill can improve overall transportation security and enhance the effect it has an impact the security initiatives. next, we heard from representatives of transportation industry and suggested improvements. this is two hours.omnd >> the committee on homeland security subcommittee transformation security will come to order. the committee's meeting today to hear different industry is on authorizing the transportation security administration fornist fiscalrati for fiscal years 2012 nd 213. yearke to welcome everyone here to this hearing and thank all of our witnesses for their patients. i apologize for us been called for votes when the hearing was supposed to start, but it is what it is. we look forward to your testimony and greatly appreciate the time and effort you put into your opening statements preparing for the hearing and i know the q&a is going to be worthwhile. the committee plans to develop a tsa authorization bill which is intended to enhance the streamline tsa transportation security i
allegedly getting a litling handsy with a tsa agent at sky harbor airport. the woman refused to go through screening and began arguing with tsa agents. that's when she grabbed one of the agent's breasts. >> i who never grab a woman's boobs. >> reporter: sky harbor passengers sounding off after a 61-year-old colorado woman is accused of grabbing a tsa's officer's breast. it all went down in terminal 4. phoenix police said yukari miyamae starting arguing with the tsa agent and refused to be screened by the staff. in fact, the tsa said the passenger was not receiving a patdown. during the argument, miyamae grabbed the officer's breast with both hands and started twisting. phoenix police arrested the woman on sexual assault. that's when the woman admitted to grabbing the agent. >> that's bad. >> reporter: one tsa officer said the victim wasn't working today. no word on her reaction, but a spokesperson for the agency said tsa officers work every day to protect the traveling public and the agency will not tolerate assault against the workforce. those at sky harbor believe the passenger has issue
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groped a tsa agent at the sky harbor airport. police say the refused to go through the screening and started arguing with the agents. that's when she grabbed one agent's breast. >> reporter: sky harbor passengers sounding off after a 61-year-old colorado woman is accused of grabbing a tsa officer's breast. >> it sounds like she's going to get her hand slapped. >> reporter: it all went down in terminal 4 at check point d. police say she started arguing with the agent and refused to be screened by the staff. tsa says the passenger was not even receiving a patdown. during the argument, officers say she grabbed the officer's breast with both hands and started twisting. phoenix police arrived and arrested the woman on sexual assault. that's when the colorado woman admitted to grabbing the tsa agent. >> it is very painful. that's pretty bad. >> reporter: one tsa officer told abc 15 the victim wasn't working today. no word on her reaction. but a spokesperson for the agency says tsa officers worked every day to protect the traveling public and the agency will not tolerate assault against
plane that had already landed in new jersey. the tsa argues the number of preache --number of breaches ary number of the travelers we screen effectively since 9/11. but doesn't it only take one for an attack? should the t.s.a. be focusing less on groping little kids and more on doing its job? dana, people are angry at the t.s.a. i mean every time you go through the lines, i'm one of them. i get angry, c'mon, do you really make me take all of this stuff and my shoes off? but you say they are doing a good job. >> i know the t.s.a. is everyone's favorite punching bag. but i can't jump on the bandwagon. they have been asked to do a nearly impossible job. i take aster rorrist getting it right just once. we have to get it right every time. the problem for them and all of us -- i been subjected to the searching and the long lines as well. the problem that there are people in the world, mothers in the world who will strap bombs on their children and put them on planes. that's why we have to have the liquid issue. >> we have seen a lot of it, when janet napolitano says the system works. it wasn
? the tsa under fire after a stun gun is found on board a jetblue flight. andp children's hair, and granny's diapers and now this -- will they ever get it right? >>> we begin with president obama calling congressional leaders back for more debt discussions at the white house after weekend talks failed to produce a breakthrough. this hour the president is huddleded with eight congressional leaders as well as vice president biden, working on what he says will be daily negotiations until a deal is reached to raise the debt limit, and avoid an august default deadline. with lofty budget goals crashing into the political reality, the president took his case for a grand bargain to the public today. >> now is the time to deal with these issues. if not now, when? i have been hearing from my republican friends for quite some time that it is a moral imperative for us to tackle our debt and our deficits in a serious way. so what i have said to them is let's go. the leaders in the room here at a certain point have to step up to do the right thing, regardless of the voices in the respective parties that
. and if you're going to the airport later on, you're already dreading the tsa tango, relief might be on the way for you. the tsa will test a trusted traveller program. it will let certain frequent flyers at certain airports skip the full body imaging and basically get them through the security faster. the only catch is that they will have to give the tsa extra information about themselves ahead of time. this trial run begins this fall in atlanta, detroit, dallas and miami on certain delta and american airlines flights. right now, the nikkei is up, but all others, the hang seng, the dax, the ftse 100 all lower at this hour. let's go to hong kong, asian and european stocks seem to be reacting to a combination of economic news, including what's happening here in the united states. >> let's fine out why. as you said, european markets are slitding. investors are worried about debt. they are worried about how the u.s. debt talks are in dead lock and stan doord and poo's threatening to cut bond rates. and banks finding out if they're tough enough to take another shock. the stress test re
fingers at the airport. the tsa agent caught, get in, stuffing a travelers ipad in his pants. did he just prove why the tsa should not unionize? [ mom ] one of the challenges for kayla being gluten-free is actually finding choices the whole family will love. five flavors of chex are gluten-free, including the honey nut flavor. and it's nice for me to be able to syes" to something that they want to eat. [ male announcer ] chex cereal. five flavor gluten free but also a caring touch. you learn to get a feel for the trouble spots. to know its wants... its needs...its dreams. ♪call 1-800-steemer. >> hi, live from america's news headquarters, i'm jamie colby. the tributes are pouring in as we remember former first lady betty ford, the widow of former president gerald ford has died at age 93. she passed away at eisenhower medical center in southern california. ford, whose triumph over drug and alcohol addiction inspired so many others to help, she co-founded the betty ford center, a clinic in california. and the next 48 hours could be crucial for striking a deal on raising the nation's debt
another plan. hopefully though this one may make things easier. our delia gonclaves explains the t.s.a.'s promise of a less invasive way to fly. >> reporter: here is your first look at the new technology in action. it is the same body scanning machines we are used to seeing at the security check points but instead of a detailed image of your body like before, now a monitor shows a generic image of a person. >> well, that certainly is better than it has been. >> people feel more comfortable. they feel like they are not being unnecessarily strip searched to some extent. >> reporter: plus, a screen is positioned where both the passenger and the agent can see it. instead of an agent viewing your image in another room entirely. >> the machine essentially does the work for us. >> reporter: the t.s.a. says the new software which will upgrade more than 200 machines nationwide highlights the "trouble areas." so in some cases if a pat down is necessary the agent can target the search to that one area only. >> i have seen people that really have been patted down and it is really awful. >> reporter:
and he was an aviation attorney for 40 years. he says tsa screeners have a monotonous boring job and some are not paying attention to what they're doing. he recommends more computer automation to screen passengers. >> the more you get it over to computers and bar coding, the higher your level of security is going to be. >> reporter: now virgin america issued this statement saying, "we take security matters very seriously and are reviewing our training to ensure that this this anomaly does not occur again." the tsa says, "the tsa's review of this matter indicates that the passenger went through screening. tsa cannot comment further on the specifics of the case given the ongoing fbi investigation." in the meantime the nigerian man was questioned by authorities in los angeles last week and he was released and then yesterday he was caught at l.a.x. airport in l.a. trying to board another flight to atlanta using another expired boarding pass. once investigators searched his bag they say they found more than 10 other expired boarding passes that were not in his name. >> now this breach is causi
. >>> and this woman says a tsa search of her hair is a case of racial profiling. i'll be talking about that allegation with her. i'm don lemon, the news starts right now. >>> we begin tonight with a developing story, a nation is born. after decades of civil war, the new country of sudan is today a reality. you can hear it here, a rose with a new flag was hoisted for the first time, it was a bittersweet moment after decades of brutal conflict that pitted the wealthier north against the poorer christian south. south sudan is about the size of texas. south sudan is ranked as one of the poorest countries in the world. today's independence was cheered by ex-pats all over the world. >> happy birthday new sudan. >> this was the scene today in washington, sudan already has it's own embassy and next week the united nations will discuss membership for the world's youngest country. sudan was the largest country in africa, it is now effectively divided into two nations. south sudan is roughly the size of texas and it's made up of mostly christians, why it's neighbor is made up of mostly muslims. sudan was racked
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each of 170,000 passengers for the last decade the tsa says that these numbers can be misleading. this comes days after an issue warning by the tsa and months before the anniversary of the september 11 attacks. at airports across the country screenings and searches, the signs of the billions of dollars in security upgrades since the september terrorist attacks a decade ago. >> i think it is all for show. i don't need it does anything to stop any incidents. most of the stuff is stop before people get to the airport. >> according to the report, lapses are still occurring. since november 2001, there have been 25,000 security breaches. according to the report, 14,000 people got into secure areas. 6000 passengers or pieces of luggage were not screened or not screen properly. this morning, at a hearing on the hill, lawmakers raised concerns. >> those are the ones we know about. what about the ones we don't know about and the creativity and things that can happen in the future? >> in a statement to abc news, the tsa says -- at reagan national, passengers have mixed reaction as to whethe
a tsa agent. the woman refused to go through the screening and began arguing with tsa agents. she allegedly grabbed one of the agent's brails. some travelers said they're not surprised to see this happening. >> reporter: surprised to see this a on it a tsa? >> nothing surprises me. >> the woman is already facing one count of felony sex abuse? this week washington gets back to business to try to settle the debt debate. they're say the to -- set to go a meeting. >> reporter: today's buzzwords, cut, cap and balance. this week house republicans are expected to pass a cut, cap and balance bill as a prerequisite to raising the debt ceiling. >> cut, cap and balance gets us out of debt and will have a balance budget amendment required. i think that will be the republican position. >> reporter: here's how this works. cuts would splash federal spending to bring down the $1 1/2 trillion deficit expected this year a cap would mean limited federal spending to 18% of the gross moe domestic product and ball by a balanced constitution hall amendment. none of that is expected to happen before the
spent billions of dollars to revamp airport screening and the tsa insists the problems amount to less than 1% of the 5.5 billions screened in the past ten years. >> tsa's goal is to work with airport authorities to stay ahead of the evolving terrorist threats. >> reporter: a security breach is broadly defined, it can be anything from a checked bag being misplaced to someone being arrested for trying to get past a security checkpoint. just this past week a cleaning crew found a stun gun own a jetblue airplane at new work airport. the latest scrutiny comes at the height of the summer travel season. the tsa is already taking heat for its aggressive screening policies, including patdowns on children and elderly people and screening machines that see through clothing. the tsa insists all of it is necessary to protect the flying public. sandra hughes, cbs news, los angeles. >>> if you thought l.a. traffic is bad now, just you wait. this weekend the city is closing a ten-mile stretch of the 405 freeway, one of the busiest roads in the country. every day 500,000 cars depend on that stretch to
, a serious security breach at an airport. i'll tell you how a guy managed to get past the tsa agents and on a plane without even buying a ticket. >>> some scary moments torture i for tourist says inside the washington monumen >>> a tough break for people stranded at the top of the washington monument tonight. d.c. fire officials say 16 people got stuck in the elevator around 6:45 this evening. 400 feet up they were. firefighters had to manually lower the elevator to the ground. that process took about 20 minutes, but everybody got out safely. the people waiting at the top of the monument for a ride down had to take the stairs. >>> the tsa is sending some of its agents back for more training. they're doing that after a guy flew across the country without a valid boarding pass. the man went from new york to los angeles on friday using an expired boarding pass that had somebody else's name on it. he almost did it a second time. pete williams has our report. >> reporter: the embarrassing saga began last friday when a u.s. citizen of nigerian background managed to board a plane and fly to
jackson explains those problems for us. >>> the tsa is defending its security record, yet in light of recent breaches this certainly has the agency on the defensive. >> security is lacking at u.s. airports across the country. that's the troubling reality on national security. the panel made the announcement after reviewing the government's own data and days u.s. airports are still vulnerable to u.s. attacks. >> unfortunately we have to be right all the time. >> reporter: said there have been 27,000 breaches. roughly 5 5 breaches a year at each of the nation's airports. last year 60-year-old breached security. he somehow bypassed screeners and police and snuck inside the wheel well of a 737. his mangled body was found. >> definitely troubling but i still think it's going to take time. >> reporter: says the reported number of breaches is misleading. it represents a small fraction. >> tsa's goal is to stay ahead of the terrorist threats. >> reporter: there are also examples of -- discovered 13 knives in the carry on luggage of a man trying to board a flight. that man was arrested. >>
with an improper boarding pass and insufficient i.d.? somehow he got past tsa agents and airline personnel. he was charged with being a stow away in a hearing today in los angeles. sand remarks i understand there was concern. concern over whether he is a flight risk. >> reporter: absolutely. that is what federal prosecutors laid out today in front of the judge, asking the judge not to grant bail. they say noibi, the 24-year-old nigerian american they allege is a stowaway is a flight risk. he has no ties to los angeles. he has family in georgia and michigan, and also in his homeland of nigeria. also they argue he is a risk to the community using other people's identity to get onboard aircraft. other people's boarding passes. that is what they laid out in court today. the defense lawyer on the other hand says this is a guy who comes from a respectable family. that essentially all he did was steal a $500 flight and then he is embarrassed by this whole situation. of course, the prosecution says despite not posing a terror threat, that when it comes to security, especially in the age after 9/11, th
passenger is accused of taking matters into her own hands by turning the tables on tsa agents. that's coming up as the news edge continues, as well as gwen with great news as we get into the work week, right? >>> oh, yes. going to be a challenge to stay cool. i'll have the forecast and let you know how high the temperatures are going to go. we'll be back after the break.         >>> warm day today. we hit 89 at national airport, the same at dulles, and 91 at baltimore. that's just a sample of what's to come. our temperatures are going to be rising. fairly clear skies tonight. could see patchy fog especially over the mountains. other than that, bright skies into tomorrow. currently warm outside. 80 at national. 7at gaithersburg. 75 winchester. 79 baltimore. 80degrees annapolis. here is what is headed our way. in the 70s and ong the eastern 80s. to the south, into the 90s. the southwest, triple digits at this hour. all the heat they've been experiencing into the midsection and southern portion of the country is headed to the mid-atlantic. and we'll see a quick warmup into the course of
transportation security administration. >> there's a better, smarter, safer way to do this, and the tsa is not prioritizing. >> reporter: even bomb-sniffing dogs were brought in to make a point that they're just as, if not more, efficient than tsa's body imaging equipment. >> you take 1,000 people and put them in a room, i'll give you ten whole-body imaging machines. you give me 5,000 people in another room, you give me one of his dogs and we will find that bomb before you find your bomb. >> reporter: tsa assistant administrator john salmon defended the agency, though, saying the number of breeches is misleading, and represents only a fraction of the 5.5 billion people screened since 9/11. >> tsa's goal is to work with airport authorities to stay ahead of evolving terrorist threats while protecting passengers' privacy. >> reporter: still, airport directors called the tsa arrogant and bureaucratic. it was at char lots airport last year that a teenager slipped through security, stowed away and died in the wheel well of a passenger jet bound for boston. >> congress should continue to suppo
eliminated the department department of homeland security requirement for tsa to issue a rule requiring both classroom and effective hands-on situational security training. yet this was done without the homeland security committee review. does vision 100 letter to the individual air carriers to develop this security training originally to be done by tsa including the element relating to appropriate responses to defend oneself. because vision 100 took away tsa's obligation to develop the basic security training rule for all carriers, it mandated that tsa develop and provide advanced voluntary self-defense training programs. when we talk about mandatory basic security training and our comments, we are generally talking about only a five to 30 minute self-defense training module developed and provided by the air carriers themselves. air carriers appear to be checking the boxes in relation to the required elements of training. without tsa establish standards, there is a wide variance in amount of security training being allocated to self-defense. the so-called advanced training a
looking for real dangers. we'll get to the t.s.a.'s state in the a moment. but first, the flyersrights.org, kate, i know people are annoyed at the tactics used by the t.s.a. but is it fair to expect them to find and compensate every single piece of contra band? >> the food workers an grown workers aren't prescreened. either the ones that take food to plan or the ones from the airport to the restaurant and stores. the u.s. passenger mail, the u.s. postal service mail that weighs less than one pound is not screened. so i can think of a dozen ways that that stun gun got on the plane. it's very similar to 9/11 when the box-cutting knives were put on the plane by ground workers to be found by terrorists. we have a real problem with security and it needs to be fixed. frankly, t.s.a. has never caught terrorist at a check point. so why are we spending trillions of dollars a year on t.s.a. if they're that ineffective? >> at the same time, we haven't had a major terrorist attack in a plane since 2011. the ones that we've had the christmas day bombing, almost christmas day bombing and the almost
edwards, nbc news. >>> still to come on news4 at 4:00, one woman suspects discrimination after the tsa searches her hair. her story in our next half hour. >>> >>> and welcome back. i'm wendy rieger, filling in for jim handly. >> i'm pat lau lawson muse. casey anthony will be out of jail in less than a week. a judge gave her four years with credit for time she has already served. the release date is next wednesday, july 13th. she was found not guilty of killing her daughter, caylee by a jury on tuesday. >>> the countdown to space shuttle "atlantis's" launch is under way. "atlantis" is set to liftoff just before 11:30 tomorrow, but there are thunderstorms under the pad in cape canaveral which could delay the launch until saturday. this mission will be an end to nasa's 30-year space shuttle program. >>> president obama met with congressional leaders today for talks about raising the debt limit. afterward, the president said the talks were frank and constructive. but he said both sides are still far apart. everyone agreed, there will be political pain on both sides by the time they reach
expired. tom blank is the p -- he is the former head of the tsa security policy. tom, good morning to you. >> good morning, alex. >> so we have a tsa agent who checks boarding passes and identification. i mean, that's what's happened to me every time i go through there. how could this man have gotten through security using a boarding pass of someone else's name and this boarding pass was expired? >> very clearly that shouldn't have happened. this incident is a big-time wakeup call. it says we've become too complace ebt. this individual came to the checkpoint, looked -- was examined by the tsa officer, presented an id that really shouldn't have been accepted, because it wasn't a government issued id. and the agent apparently did not connect the fact that the boarding pass name and the id name were, in fact, different. . they have a reasonable belief that this fellow wasn't a terrorist because he went through screen, but nonetheless, this is a breakdown in the process. >> yeah. well, it seems like it's a one-two breakdown because when you think get on board the plane, just to get past the s
security complaints are pretty common, especially those about tsa officers patting down children and the elderly at airports. but now a situation you have not heard about yet. laura adiali says she felt violated after she was told by tsa agents at a seattle airport that they needed to closely examine her hair. joining me now is laura adiali. laura, thank you for your time today. can you help us understand what happened? tell us what the situation was when you were going through security. >> yes. i went through security at sea-tac airport last june -- or last thursday, june 30th. and i went through the security line, and was asked to go through the full-body x-ray imaging. and i've been through that multiple times. and i stepped out, and they informed me that they were going to have to inspect my hair. and -- >> why did they say that? >> the funny thing -- >> yeah. >> well, they didn't give me a reason at all. at the time they just said that they needed to inspect it. and it wasn't until i questioned it that they gave me the policy of inspecting anything from the body. >> can you
his way out of jail. the t.s.a. and the airline are working with the f.b.i. to figure how the so-called liar flier pulled it off. and now, the c.e.o. of virgin air. how did he pull this off? >> the security system is a series of redundancies with 1.5 million a day going through with the t.s.a. check point, and the airline check point and it looks like human error and that is what happens with a number of transactions you have a failure and from the virgin america side that is what appears to happen. >> but t.s.a. missed it and your guys pounced on it or him, how did that happen? how does he go down? >> i think what happened really there was a problem on the airplane in terms of the body odor and the gentleman appeared to be in the wrong seat so we checked the boarding pass, the manifest and in the under he was just a stow away, very calm, very cooperative, and he slept for the flight and we monitored him the entire type and the crew was in touch with our ground operations the entire time and never appeared to be a threat so we continued on with the flight. >>neil: what point was
airports with the tsa's new body imaging scanning system being tested. instead of an actual x-ray image of a passenger's body, the new system displays a generic outline of a human and highlights only objects on a passenger. >> given us the best opportunity to detect, it provides the best possible privacy opportunities that we have. >> reporter: the so-called underwear bomber case in detroit two years ago prompted the tsa to start using body scanners. >> arms up -- >> reporter: since their rollout at 78 airports last year, they came under fire, as did the tsa. critics said the process invaded privacy. however, the new system even eliminates the need for an agent to view image. it instead has a monitor posted at the scanner that flashes okay if no object is detected. which tsa administrator jaws pastoli says all can see. >> the passenger can actually see their image, and it's the same image as the previous passenger and the next passenger. so it's the same generic outline of a person. >> reporter: the unveiling of this new screening system comes less than a week after the tsa won an appea
airports. bob orr sat down with the head of the t.s.a. today to find out how it will work. >> reporter: the goal is to streamline airport checkpoints by separating some frequent travelers from those passengers the t.s.a. knows least about. >> and so we have to make sure that folks on the highest risk... >> reporter: t.s.a. administrator john pistole says with terrorists still intent on hitting aviation, this approach will leverage limited resources and target the biggest potential threats. >> we want to make sure that those that we know very little about, that we can focus proper time and attention on them while at the same time recognizing that virtually everybody who flies is not a terrorist. >> reporter: the new screening initiative will be phased in this fall starting with two airlines at four major airports. selected frequent travelers boarding delta airlines in atlanta and detroit and some frequent fliers on american airlines in miami and dallas will be invited to participate, as will u.s. citizens who've already passed background checks by customs and border protection. those pa
airport screeners. the tsa agents who are supposed to match the name on your government id to the name on a current boarding pass. in two airports, he had neither. >> tsa argues this was not a major breech in security because he was screened for weapons. however, the tsa agents who missed his fake boarding passes will be questioned and they could be disciplined. wyatt andrews, contraction news, cbs news, washington. >> transit agency announced that ticket takers would show up for work today. this after the union that represents them say they plan to strike. the union said today the tactic was meant to put pressure on the transportation district. ticket takers are angry about the agency's plan to replace them with a dozen machines. >>> the first day of the city's so-called brownout plan to save money. the two stations that tend to get fewer calls will initially be impacted the most. suspended as needed, including on days with significant fire danger. >> and the first case of west nile this season recorded in contra costa county. the county reminds everyone drain any standing water on
a woman turned the tables on the tsa and the trouble she is in now. >>> nobody knows where i am. i'm going to die. >>> he had no food, no water and no hope of surviving in the desert. a hurdle to finding holy name and the break that saved him. >>> call it the i goof. advertising error had some thinking they were getting a deal of a lifetime. >>> bringing life back to downtown. what plan the council has to attract new businesses. and that's just ahead. >>> after a dry couple of days the humidity is going to return to the area. we'll have the complete forecast coming up after this break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> it is clear and we'll have the forecast coming up in a few moments. >>> a tower topples over in the netherlands. look at this here t caught fire and collapsed. so far no one is sure what caused the fire or the collapse. they are using the video as evidence t did disrupt -- it did disrupt service in the area. >>> near death in the middle of the desert. a wrong turn nearly cost a delivery driver his life. he was lost and stranded with a flat tire on a dirt road. with the temperatures the
for the very first time. betty? >> tara mergener in washington, thank you, tara. >>> the tsa issued a new terror warning about something called body packing. the government says terrorists may be shifting tactics to evade airport security by sewing explosives inside a suicide attacker's body. sandra hughes has details. >> reporter: the transportation security administration confirms al qaeda operatives in yemen want to surgically implant a bomb inside a human in order to bring down an airplane. >> we've taken it seriously and that's why we have passed it to our foreign partners and tsa air carriers. >> reporter: the tsa alerted airlines worldwide and is beefing up security for international flights headed to the u.s., especially. a law enforcement source tells cbs news officials have not uncovered an actual plot, but information that al qaeda recently expressed interest in recruiting a surgeon to implant explosives. experts warn plastic bombs would be tough to detect even for full body scanners. >> it's hard for the current technology to actually determine what is inside body cavities. >>
tried to prevent the accident. >>> it is what is on the inside that counts. it is also what the tsa. the internal threat the feds are trying to fight. >>> trying to fight nice with the neighbor. the really large obstacle standing in the way of peace an haony. >> i dana king. >> i'm allen martin. tonightelizabeth cook on how big of an impact grounded firefighting tools will have. >> reporter: they are grounded over in california. cal fire canceled the contract with the nation's largest air tanker company to save money. >> if we cannot get it reinstated we don't know how long we can cast. >> reporter: the ceo of 10 tanker air carrier. the owner of the converted dc10s that hold up to 12,000- gallons of fire retardant. >> we were relying on california and they were relying on us. >> reporter: the tankers based in the southern california desert aren't cheap to operate costing taxpayers $7 million a year. >> it is expensive but it is cost effective and what is saved is, of course, if you're talking lives, you can't put a price on it. >> reporter: not everyone agrees. critics have called
. >>> and the latest controversy over airport screening takes a twist. how a tsa agent ended up on the other side of a patdown. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> welcome back. it is 44:2. police have a person of interest in the murder of a young mother whose burned body was discovered in the rockridge neighborhood of oakland. close friends of monica rodas and community activists held a car wish to pay for her funeral and set up a trust fund for her 2-year-old son. organizers call this case disturbing. >> a human being is dead, burned alive. the bay area community needs to be outraged. we cannot live in a society that's okay with this kind of violence against women. >> friends say she was an outgoing happy mother who loved her son. doe nation are being accepted at the oakland -- donations are being accepted at the ymca and there is a $10,000 reward. >>> casey anthony seems to be staying out of the public eye for now. in an interview last night, anthony's lawyer refused to talk about where his client is right now. after nearly three years in jail, she left just after midnight on sunday with $537 in her pocket. th
. the new fallout in the uk phone hacking investigation. why london's top cop resigned. plus a new tsa controversy but this time a passenger is accused of improperly touching a tsa worker. carmageddon -- the finale. did it cause as ♪ ♪ [ woman ] sam begged and pleaded... so i sent him to camp. we'd earned lots of points with our new citi thankyou card... and i put them to good use. he told me about his bunkmates and how he signs up for every activity. ♪ ♪ he even hangs out with the camp director. just like that. [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. >> you are watching abc 7 news at 11:00. >> the phone hacking scandal that shut down one of britain's oldest newspapers continues to rock that country. there was another stunning arrest followed by an equally stunning resignation. all of this brings the scandal closer to rupert murdoch. >> rebekah brooks was rupert murdoch's protege and some say he considered her his daughter. she went to scotland yard to talk
. body scanners. too invasive. what the tsa is doing to possibly help you protect your privacy. we will look. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at #:30. a live look this -- 4:30. a live look this morning at downtown baltimore. >>> now "good morning maryland." >>> 5:24. republicans and democrats may have to pass a temporary debt ceiling measure to stop the gft from -- government from going into default by august 2nd. president obama says he would be willing to okay that. before he said he would not accept the stopgap extension and he said he will only accept the temporary measure if it just is allowed in time for a broader plan to be put in place. >>> if you think the full body scans at the airport are too invasive, you probably will like this story. the tsa is putting new software in the machines and you will be a generic outline of a person instead of a pass injure's full image. passengers will also be able to see the same outline that the tsa agents see and there's 500scanners at 78 different airports. >>> 5:25. your kids may not be ready to go back to schoo
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